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Combobooker attaches great importance to maintaining privacy of your data. We appreciate the confidence given to us and undertake an obligation to protect any personal information provided to us. In this document, we describe how we use and process personal data and use cookies.

This Privacy Policy describes the principles of how we will process personally identifiable information and personal information (hereinafter referred to as “the Personal Data”), which we collect in respect of you, or which you provide to us. This Policy shall apply to our websites, applications, tools, promotions, electronic mail messages, accounts for logging in to the system and any other Services we provide (hereinafter referred to as “Combobooker Services”).

As a visitor or user of Combobooker Services, you are entitled to know and understand our methods of handling confidential information before you provide us any personal information.

By using Combobooker Services, you do hereby agree to use of your Personal Data by us in compliance with this Policy.

What Information Do We Collect?
We collect information provided by you, such as name, electronic mail addresses, and password, when you register in order to obtain or use of any of our Services. This, for instance, happens when you register an account, participate in Combobooker promotions, or subscribe to notices of prices, mailing lists and other messages. If you make a booking via Combobooker functionality, you may be suggested to specify supplementary information, such as address, passport number, and credit card data.

We automatically collect certain information passively because of your use of Combobooker Services. This information is bound to device, which you use to access the Combobooker Services. Such information includes, among other things, your IP-address, operating system, web browser type, URL, from which you went, web page views, access time and your location.

We also collect information provide to us when you start using Combobooker Services by going from a third-party application, a social network (e.g., Facebook or Twitter) or from another website (e.g., partner promotions).

Use of Information
We will use the information we store in respect of you as follows:

in order to check your right to access certain functions;
in order to ensure that you are provided with access to the Services, which you would wish to use;
in order to optimize Combobooker Services and personal settings of your visits by saving the configuration data about location, language and currency, and previous search queries;
for the purposes of system administration;
in order to analyze behavior of users and trends in order to improve our Services and understand how specifically they are used;
in order to address to you;
if you send the relevant request or if we need to reply to a message sent by you;
if we need to give you a notice of change or update of our Services;
if we need to send a confirmation of booking and warnings, notices and information bulletins, to which you subscribe, among other things, on your mobile device;
if this is authorized by law or you gave the relevant consent to sending of Combobooker marketing communications to you via electronic mail concerning our services or services of our partners. You may opt out of such electronic mail messages by clicking on the subscription cancellation link in the bottom of the message.
You may be suggested to provide credit card data or other payment information to us or the relevant Booking Partner, when you make a booking and/or payment by using Combobooker functionality. Under these circumstances, such information will be collected and used strictly to process the booking. When using Combobooker Services on a mobile electronic device, you may also be suggested to provide information about your credit or debit card by using the autocomplete functionality. If you provide such information, they will be stored on a device, which you use to access the relevant Combobooker Services, and we will never store or process them. If you decide to make a booking by using the services of a third-party service provider, then the information provided by you about your credit or debit card will be used to autocomplete the relevant section on this website of such provider in order to streamline the process of booking.

Disclosure of Information
We will never sell your Personal Data to a third party; however, in some cases we may provide them to third parties in compliance with this Policy or if we must do it by law.

We may provide your information to partner companies within a Combobooker Group for use in compliance with this Policy and the foregoing purposes. We also may transmit your information to some third parties for its processing on behalf of us. By way of example, we may provide your electronic mail address, along with other data collected by us, to trusted independent companies, which will help us identify the trends and adapt Combobooker Services and messages, which we send to you.

We demand that such third parties (some of which may be located outside of the European Economic Area) strictly comply with our instructions and reserve the use of your Personal Data for own commercial purposes of such companies, unless you give your explicit consent to such their use. Any third parties, which are provided access to your data in the course of provision of the Services on behalf of us, shall be subject to strict contractual limitations in order to provide protection of your data and their processing exclusively in compliance with the applicable data security and confidentiality laws. We may also conduct independent audit of such service providers in order to assure that they are compliant with our standards.

If we offer promotions jointly with third parties, then we may from time to time agree to provision of electronic mail addresses of the participants to the partner, which conducts the contest. If this is the case, this will be clearly specified in the terms of the promotion and you will be suggested to agree that your data will be so used at the time when you perform the acts required for the participation in the promotion. We shall bear no responsibility whatsoever for further use or dissemination of electronic mail addresses by our partners.

When we redirect you to websites of third-party service provider, which arrange travels, to make a booking, we may use your Personal Data to autocomplete some information on such website of third-party companies, in order to make the process of booking more simple and efficient.

In addition, we may disclose your Personal Data, when this is required in order to ensure compliance with our term of provision of the Services or other agreements and transmit them a prospective and ultimate buyer in case of sale to Combobooker Company (in whole or in part).

We may also provide anonymous aggregate information about use to other parties.

Data Storage
Any and all Personal Data, which you provide to us, are stored at our protected servers. Wherever our servers are located, we implement adequate technical and organizational arrangements in order to provide security of your Personal Data. We provide access to your Personal Data only to those employees, who, in our opinion, reasonably need to know such information in order to perform their official duties and provide you with products or services.

Unfortunately, transmission of information via the Internet may never be fully secure. While we will use our best effort in order to protect your Personal Data transmitted to our websites or other Combobooker services, we will still be unable to guarantee their security. Any data are transmitted at your own risk and peril. Once we receive your Personal Data, we will use strict methods and functions to provide security in order to prevent unauthorized access to them.

Social Network
We use social networks in order to promote travel destinations and various travel offerings, which consist of accommodation, flights and other such services.

When you register in a social network application, you will be notified that information will be transmitted to Combobooker. The information, which you, if you wish so, may share with us, may include the key data accessible at your personal web page, electronic mail addresses, status update, and friend list. This information will help make the use of our applications or websites the utmost convenient and improve quality of related services. With such information, you may personalize our website for your requirements and stay in touch with friends while on the road.

We may also allow logging in to your Combobooker account by using your web page on a social network. You may know the details of use and processing of your personal data in this case by contacting your social network provider.

Third-Party Websites
Combobooker Services contain links to third-party websites. Please keep in mind that we shall bear no responsibility for the methods used by such websites to assure confidentiality. When you leave our sites or otherwise stop using Combobooker Services, we recommend that you read and understand the Privacy Policy of every third-party website, which collects your Personal Data.

For more socially efficient use of Combobooker Services, we may allow you to export information to a third-party application or a third-party websites, including, among other things, social network websites, such as Facebook or Twitter. When exporting such information, you may provide your information to individual persons or entities providing the operation and maintenance of such third-party applications and websites and your information may become accessible to other parties visiting such websites or using such applications. Neither applications nor websites you setup connections with are owned or controlled by us and, therefore, you should familiarize yourself with Privacy Policies of such websites in order to make sure that you are comfortable with how they use the information provided by you.

In order to control collection of data for analytical purposes by Google Analytics service, please visit the following web page: Google Analytics Opt-Out Page at

Access to Your Personal Data
You are entitled to request that we should not process your Personal Data for marketing purposes. You may exercise this right by setting certain flags in a form, which is used to collect the data, or by contacting us at any time via our support email address. You may also opt out of receiving any marketing electronic mail messages by clicking on the subscription cancellation link in the bottom of such messages.

If you are a user of our Services and log in to the system, then you can manage some of your information and preferences in the Profile section of our website.

What is a Cookie?
Cookie is a small piece of information placed by a website to the user computer.

Web pages have no memory. If you browse various web pages on this website, you will not be recognized as one and the same user at different web pages. Cookies allow a website to recognize your web browser. Therefore, cookies are mainly used in order to memorize your choice, e.g., language of communication or preferable currency. In addition, cookies allow websites to recognize you on your next visit.

Combobooker uses the following cookies
We use technical cookies so that our website displays and works without error, in order to create your user account, so that you should be able to login to your account and so that to enable booking management. Such technical cookies are strongly required for error-free operation of this website.

We use functional cookies, in order to remember your preferences and help you use our website optimally and efficiently, e.g., by saving preferable currency and language, your search history and properties, which you viewed before. The said functional cookies are not absolutely required for the operation of our website, but they add user functionality for you by making this website more convenient to use.

We use analytical cookies, in order to know how our visitors use the website in order to understand what works and what does not, in order to optimize this website and improve its operation and in order to make sure that we stay interesting and relevant to our users. We collect information about the web pages you visit, web pages, from/to which you go within the website or leave it, type of platform you used, date and time you use the website, the number of mouse clicks on a certain web page, movements of your cursor and scrolling, search queries and text you enter when using our website.

We use commercial cookies, in order to show you Combobooker advertisements on other websites. This is called ‘retargeting’; in this case, you will be shown the advertisements about the directions and properties, you browsed.

We use several types of cookies with different expiration times. The longest expiration time, which we set for some is 5 years after your last visit to our website. You may delete all cookies from your web browser at any time by using the relevant function of your web browser.

Combobooker uses services of trusted and reputable online advertising and marketing companies. Combobooker may also use services of third parties for analytical purposes. In order to provide their services, such companies need to save cookies.

The service providers we cooperate with operate in order to create consumer awareness and implement responsible procedures and standards of doing business and processing data.

In order to control collection of data for analytical purposes by Google Analytics service, please visit the following web page: Google Analytics Opt-Out Page.

How Do I Change My Cookie Settings?
Using your web browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome) settings, you may select which cookies you accept or deny. The location of the settings menu depends on your web browser. Please use the Help menu of your web browser in order to find the required settings.

If you decide to block certain cookies, some functions of our Website may be inaccessible to you. In addition, please note that by opting out of advertisements of a certain provider does not mean that you will never receive online advertisements or will not be exposed to advertising placed online and marketing analysis. Opting out means the provider, whose advertisements you opted out, will never place advertisements generated on the basis of your web preferences and specific features of your use of this Website.

Web Beacons
In addition to cookies, Combobooker sometimes uses web beacons. A web beacon is a microscopic 1×1-pixel image, which is sent to your computer via HTML messages or as part of web page request. We use such pixels directly or via service providers as part of online advertising on our website or websites of third parties, in order to know whether a booking is made by a user, who sees the online advertising, in order to trace conversion at partner websites and analyze the specific features of user traffic, all these in order to improve quality of the Services offered by our website.

The services offered by Combobooker are not intended for children aged less than 18 years. Any use of any services offered by the company is allowed strictly subject to actual consent of their parent or guardian. The company reserves the right to remove any information obtained from a child aged less than 18 years.

Contacting us
If you have any questions in respect of this Policy, you may contact us via email at

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